Key Ingredients

We’ve been energising South Africans for over 50 years!
Reach for Lucozade when you’re feeling low.

Lucozade for body and mind

Sustained Physical

Lucozade for body and mind

Sustained Mental

Your body prefers glucose! You’re choosing the most efficient energy source available when you reach for Lucozade to get through your busiest days. When you need all-day energy, get it with sustained glucose energy from Lucozade!

Did you know that around 20% of the glucose you eat is used by your brain? Glucose is vital for processing information, learning and forming new memories! Our brains depend on glucose to keep us focused, alert, and living our best lives.


When it’s time to show them what you’re made of, Fak’umoya with Lucozade! Fak’umoya is an atmosphere, it’s a way of thinking, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a vibe! Fill up your cup with positive energy and Lucozade for an exceptional day.

Get a spring in your step

When you have enough energy, you feel better! Find the energy you need to get through your daily grind and keep that spring in your step with Lucozade.


You’ll feel more alert.
You’ll feel more focused.
You’ll feel more energised.

Lucozade is all about positive energy

When the pressure is on, Lucozade is here to help motivate South Africans to keep going, finish what
they start, and put in everything they have!

Put in Lucozade
Put in the sustained glucose energy to finish.

Lucozade was originally created as ‘Glucozade’ by William Owen in 1927 to help his son who was recovering from an illness. The formulation then became Lucozade in 1929 and was first sold in South Africa in 1970 making it one of the oldest energy drinks ever created.
Lucozade uses a specially made formulations with a low dose of caffeine whilst other energy drinks use high amounts of stimulants such as caffeine, taurine, and guarana. Lucozade’s main ingredient, Glucose, is the body’s preferred source of energy and it helps makes your muscles work optimally and your brain work normally.
Your body’s natural source of Energy and the simplest form of carbohydrates. All carbohydrates are turned into glucose and provides energy for your body and mind.

As Lucozade has low amounts of caffeine and relies on your body’s natural source of energy, it is safe to consume Lucozade on a daily basis.

5 Flavours in 360ml PET format. Original, Orange, Blackcurrant, Apple, and Caribbean Fusion. 3 Flavours in 500ml PET format. Original, Orange, and Blackcurrant. 2 Flavours in 1L PET format. Original and Orange. 1 Flavour in a 325ml CAN format. Orange.
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